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Work High, Sleep Low Book by Vinay Singh



First Hand Account of how to Start and Run a Charitable School

Although the title of the book refers to a pattern of training used in mountaineering to help climbers' bodies acclimatize to rarefied atmosphere at high altitude, the appeal of the book is not limited to mountaineers. The world of mountain-climbing may be far removed from the world of formal education but, with Vinay's experience in both fields, this book is his attempt to explain similarities in practice of one concept in two disparate worlds. Following the principle of work high, sleep low, mountaineers acclimatize by climbing higher than their campsite and then descending to spend the night. This can be equated to going further after the initial goal has been achieved. A similar concept has application in the field of education and is referred to by psychologists as "overlearning" - the practice of rehearsing a task beyond the point when initial proficiency has been achieved.

According to Vinay, his father's approach to learning which can be equated with overlearning, helped him build a strong academic foundation which helped him deal with the lean period in his life. Told with humorous reflections and hard-earned insight as Vinay takes the reader on a journey through his childhood and a career that begins in India and continues in the United States, the book is certain to keep the reader engaged. Explaining the concept in simple words and anecdotes from his personal mountain-climbing experiences, the book will also appeal to the sense of social responsibility as the readers learn about Vinay's setbacks and success in setting up Shiksha Vikas Vidyalaya, a school to impart education free of charge, in his father's village.


  • 214 Pages
  • Self-published
  • Foreward by Captain Manmohan Singh Kohli - an internationally renowned Indian mountaineer. An officer in the Indian Navy who joined the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, he led the 1965 Indian expedition which put nine men on the summit of Everest, a world record which lasted for 17 years.


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All proceeds from the sale of this book support the Shiksha Vikas Vidyalaya school in India -



By Jane Merrill on April 4, 2016

Get on a virtual mountain bike and follow the zigzags of an intrepid India-born sports- and business-person as he achieves spiritual and worldly success. This book can be read for funny and charming anecdotes or for the lessons learned. Reading about the author’s jobs in the U.S. was enlightening; seldom do people write about the slogging work of early career (he quotes Longfellow – “learn to labor and to wait”). The author also invites the reader into how he founded a school in an Indian village – business knowledge and concern for others came into equal play. A lot of people come alive in Work High, Sleep Low and the character of Singh’s father, a police officer, is unforgettable.

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