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Alice in Wonderland Perfume


Alice In Wonderland Essential Oil Blends

This is an amazing scent collection created with ONLY pure essential oils, blended in a base of safflower. Beautifully fragrant they are designed to represent each character in Underland and the natural elements they are associated with. Created out of great love and respect for the work of Lewis Carroll and his infamous book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!

~ Each essential oil blend is named after a particular character.

~ The oil blends come in a .05 ounce roll-on bottle

~ Each blend is made with our own Angel’s Mist Essential Oils

~ NO FRAGRANCE OILS are used in this product

Alice: Alice fits no conventional stereotype; she is neither angel nor brat. She simply has an overwhelming curiosity, but it is matched by restraint and moderation. Alice finally finds her “muchness” which is her empowerment and strength. Her perfume blend is made up of languid Lavender, vestiges Violet, and a hint of comfy Chamomile.

The Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts is one of the playing card characters Alice meets when she is finally able to enter the beautiful garden through the door in the hallway. The Queen of Hearts rules over Wonderland and is a tyrant, violent, authoritative and dominant. Her perfume blend is made of riotous red Rose, giddy Geranium and pompous Palmarosa.

The Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter is one of the members of the Mad Tea Party. He occasionally is rude and provokes Alice during the tea party. When he is called upon by the Queen, he is very nervous and frightened. Displaying a full range of emotions this “mad as a hatter” perfume blend is made of sweet Orange, loony Lemon, and a kiss of Clary Sage.

The White Rabbit: The White Rabbit is nervous and always in a hurry. However, he is confident enough about himself to contradict the King of Hearts. Because Alice follows him, he gets things moving again whenever he appears. Constantly running late, this perfume blend is made up of perky Peppermint, clever Clove and a wisp of Wisteria.

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