Sitara Collections was founded in 2007 by Linda Singh, who marveled at the beautiful products found in India after several trips there with her husband.  Each time she brought back pashmina shawls, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, pillow cushions and embellished handbags.  Inevitably, her friends would ask her to bring things back for them and this became the premise for Sitara Collections.


The company initially focused exclusively on the exceptional work of Indian artisans, whose exotic inspirations and traditional craftsmanship still remain at the heart of Sitara Collections. In recent years, offerings have expanded to include extraordinary examples of South American artistry and a line from one of France’s most exciting jewelry designers.


All of the products are crafted by talented artisans, most of whom are keeping centuries-old techniques and designs alive while creating modern treasures. And because every piece is handmade, your purchase is the very definition of exclusive.


We’re proud to offer top-quality materials sure to please the most discriminating buyer. We’re equally proud to support fair labor practices—particularly for our Indian artists—to ensure that they’re able to devote themselves to their craft while earning a fair wage.


In addition to fine jewelry, Sitara Collections also features other delightful surprises sure to transport you to a whole new world of possibilities. Sitara is about feeling confident, chic and absolutely fabulous. Even our name—the Indian word for “star”—speaks to our mission. 


Browse the Sitara Collections online, and let our exceptional creations make you feel like a star every day.