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Varanasi Loom to Luxury

The rich history of weaving in Varanasi, or Benarasas it is commonly known, dates back to the 14th century during the Mughal period, when intricate brocades made with silver and gold threads became the specialty of the region.

Sumptuous hand woven silks have long been a hallmark of luxury, but in today's world, they need the active support and appreciation of people like you to keep this tradition alive. Each handcrafted silk, journal, scarf can take up to ten times longer to create than the same item made in a factory. Supporting, buying and using such hand crafted silk gives you an opportunity to pause and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of these products, enabling you to be a part of the weaver's lives as it moves from their hands to yours.

In 2006, an organization called Varanasi Weavers Foundation was formed with the sole purpose to aid in the preservation ofthe hand-loom sector by supporting these weavers, families and the community through social programs and market access.

Building on this foundation, Varanasi Loom to Luxury came into being in 2013 with the broader manifesto to bring alive the beauty of hand woven silk fabrics for luxury buyers all over the world, enriching and reviving this luxurious craft and the skilled craftsmen and communities who practice it. The centerpiece of these efforts is the Varanasi Loom to Luxury Weaving & Community Center, which provides an aspirational work environment for the weavers with additional capabilities in design, quality & production and importantly, a place for the community to come together and re-build pride in the craft, inspiring this & successive generations to continue creating beautiful handwoven Varanasi silks. 

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