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The tranquility and beauty of water, the color sky, Larimar, is the blue color stone. It comes with Striking Whites, which describe the Caribbean sea from its origins. It is also known as the bluestone at Atlantis. This gem has the healing power of dolphins and can help you to heal your body, mind, and soul.

Larimar is a rare gemstone that is found only in a small part of the Earth. If you're looking to purchase larimar jewelry, here are some things to keep in mind.

What is Larimar?


Pectolite makes up Larimar (fact - pectolite, a white-grey mineral composed of sodium-calcium hydroxyxide, is abundantly found worldwide). Larimar contains a rare type of pectolite that is usually only found in the Dominican Republic of Caribbean. This makes it an unusual gemstone.

Los checheses, in the Caribbean is the only mine that has been found to produce Larimar. Larimar is a relic of Dominican people due to its extreme rarity.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Larimar

This rare blue beauty, larimar, is the result of the combination of two words, Mar and lari. Lari is Larissa, the daughter Miguel Mendez who discovered the stone in 1974. Mar, which means sea, describes the Caribbean waters in which it is found. This name tells the story of bright sunlight shining on the calm waters of the Caribbean.

Stone is the symbol of calm water and sky. It acts as the water stone and calms the fears. It can heal in a spiritual and emotional way as well as physically.

It stimulates the crown chakra, which facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation. People around the globe wear larimar rings and pendants because of its healing properties.

Evaluation of Larimar's Color


Larimar is more than a blue-colored stone. It is actually a turquoise-colored stone with white patterns that resemble the sun over the Caribbean. You can also get it in three colors: deep blue, green-blue and white.

It is rare to find the deep blue Larimar color, making it more expensive and precious than other colors. The Larimar with whitish colors is less valuable.

Larimar Gemstone Clarity

Larimar is the tranquility and beauty of water. It has a calm texture and a serene composure. Transparency can vary from translucent to transparent. The smooth, silky texture and elegance of larimar stones jewelry make it easy to feel calm and composed.

Choosing the cut of Larimar for Jewelry

Larimar is a soft gemstone. It is rated 4.5 to 5. It is therefore difficult to make larimar jewelry. However, the fibrous ingrowth gives it strength which allows it to be used as jewelry. Although larimar comes in many sizes, it is most commonly found as a large-cabochon gemstone. It is the reason why it is loved by so many people around the world.

Synthetic, Imitation, and Treated Larimar

 The majority of gemstones you will find on the market are unaltered and natural. Larimar is the same; it is natural and unenhanced. Because this rare gemstone is often sold as an imitation of Larimar, some dye it and sell it. Amazonite, a low-cost stone that is often sold as a perfect imitation of Larimar, is one such example.

If you are looking to buy wholesale larimar jewelry or gemstones made from larimar, make sure that the stone is authentic and contact the seller directly.


A Short History of Larimar

Larimar was discovered for the first time in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren from the Barahona Parish. However, due to a lack of resources, his request was turned down by officials of Dominican Republic.

It was found again by Miguel Mendez, along with Norman Rilling, a volunteer from the bahoruko mountains. He named the stone after his daughter Larissa, and gave it its name.

This is how Larimar was named and was discovered.

Larimar Characteristics

Larimar, as you all know, is well-known for its extraordinary healing properties. We list a few of these characteristics below.

  1. It can help to calm the mind and body.
  2. It induces a state of meditative awareness in the man.
  3. It can end self-sabotage behavior.
  4. It brings clarity in thoughts and emotions
  5. It can be used to help with post-partum depression.
  6. It gives you the courage and confidence to express your thoughts.
  7. It stimulates the third eye chakra, and eliminates attached infinities.

 In short, a larimar necklace will help you to forget your worries and alleviate your pains. It will also connect you with your higher self.

Is Larimar's Valuable?

Larimar, a rare gem that can only be found in remote locations on the planet, is very expensive. This gemstone is rare and expensive, but it is not as costly as diamonds. This semi-precious gem can be found with registered sellers.

Beware of fake and low-quality imitations of larimar that are available online. Before you make a purchase, always verify the origin and quality of the stones.

Larimar Jewelry

This rare blue gem is delicate and soft. It is difficult to make jewelry from this soft gemstone, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Very few jewelry makers worldwide produce sterling silver larimar jewelry that looks good and makes a style statement.

You can use larimar in a beaded necklace, pendants and rings, as well as stud earrings. It should not be scratched or damaged.

Larimar is handcrafted in sterling silver, making it attractive. It can be worn at any social event.

The Larimar beads necklace is one of the most popular products in the world. A larimar stone necklace will make you stand out and make you unique.

Larimar Durability & Care

We know for now that Larimar can be a soft and brittle gem. So always remember,

  1. Larimar should be kept away from chemicals such as perfumes and hand creams. This gorgeous gemstone jewelry should always be your first item to take off in the evening.
  2. After each use, clean the larimar jewelry with a few drops of mild soap and a soft dry cloth. Do not brush it too hard.
  3. Sterling silver larimar jewelry can tarnish easily, so make sure to keep it dry.
  4. Avoid swimming in pools and other water-related activities. It can compromise the stone quality and tarnish the silver setting.
  5. It is best to avoid wearing a larimar ring when you wash dishes, as it can affect the bezel setting that holds the sone in its place.

Larimar jewelry is delicate and pretty. Proper care will prolong the life of the stones.

Larimar stone jewelry users around the world make the biggest mistake. They clean the gemstones but forget to keep them safe. It is left out open, causing the larimar jewelry to tarnish, scratch, and even fall apart.

To avoid this, you can:

  1. Because they are so beautiful, keep your Larimar beaded necklace separate. To avoid rubbing, place the necklace in a box with a cloth.
  2. Keep your larimar ring in a sealed box to preserve its shine.
  3. Avoid bending your larimar Cuff Bracelet to open them. The bracelets should be kept in an airtight container. This will ensure that the jewelry stays in one place and prevents it from scratching.
  4. Your Larimar Stud earring should be kept in a small container. These pretty earrings are small and could be lost.

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Linda Singh

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