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Why Gemstone Jewelry Is The Perfect Gift For Your Spiritual Friends

February 23, 2019 3 min read

Not sure what to give as a gift to your eco-friendly, minimalist, or spiritual friends? If you are like me, you prefer to shop with intention—giving gifts with meaning and purpose. When it comes to shopping for friends who care less about materialism and more about quality and purpose gemstone jewelry is perfect. Here’s how to select an accessory they will wear for years to come!


Birthstone Jewelry


If you are shopping for your loved one’s birthday or you know their birthday month birthstone jewelry is always a perfect gift. Wearing a birthstone does more than just promote the general healing properties of the stone, but amplifies the recipient’s energy, creativity, confidence, and power. One of the things that make shopping our collection of birthstone jewelry so special is that raw stones have a different look and feel than department store stones. For example, garnet is January’s birthstone which in traditional jewelry stores only comes in red. But when shopping at Sitara Collections we provide raw garnets in red, green, yellow, orange, and brown.


Birthstone Jewelry


A Socially Conscious Gift


Sitara Collections jewelry is artisan-made, using traditional techniques, dyes, and natural products—with recycled materials wherever possible. We support Indian artisans keeping ancient techniques alive, while providing Fair Trade income to women in small Indian villages. Every item is made with exceptional quality and care! We also donate a portion of every purchase to Helping Children Succeed a 501 c(3) organization that currently provides funding for a children's school in our ancestral village in India. It's our way of adding a little love to every purchase and something your socially conscious friend will appreciate!


One Of A Kind


Generic gifts have their time and place but if you are shopping for someone special, someone you know and love—our designs provide you with inspiring options. While we have a selection of consistent designs, raw and handcrafted jewelry is always one of a kind.

The handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in color, size, and design. If buying two of the same items, slight differences should be expected.


Healing Jewelry


Another way to select our handcrafted jewelry, beyond its beauty and style, is to consider the goals of your spiritual loved one. Have they recently gone through a tough break up? One of our rose quartz designs can help open and heal their heart. Has your friend mentioned that their crown chakra is blocked? Amethyst jewelry is a perfect choice to get their energy flowing. Has your BFF recently returned to school or embarked on a new career? Citrine jewelry can help them achieve their ambitious new goal. If your loved one is struggling with anxiety or insomnia wearing rainbow moonstone jewelry can help balance their body. Just be sure to let them know the power behind the gemstones you’ve selected for them!


handmade jewelry


A Timeless Fashion Accessory

Raw gemstone jewelry never goes out of style. In fact, it’s been a fashion must-have for centuries! Our collection can dress up a casual look, many of our pieces are elegant enough for evening wear, and everything in our collection can be mixed and matched in an endless variety of ways. It’s also perfect for ladies who must be suited up during business hours but want to express their personal style with their accessories. Expect that your friends and family will love their gift so much that they will want to know where they can get more!


Rough gemstone raw jewelry


Sitara Collections handmade jewelry is stunning and unique and supports your loved one on their spiritual journey!

Linda Singh
Linda Singh

2 Responses

Syed  Danish Hussain
Syed Danish Hussain

March 04, 2019

Very Nice n helpfull information.

Syed  Danish Hussain
Syed Danish Hussain

March 04, 2019

Very Nice n helpfull information.

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