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July 02, 2016 1 min read

Vintage Books

Its demise started with a new-fangled invention called the telephone. And today’s laptops, smart phones and tablet computers put the final nail in the coffin of handwritten correspondence. Ironically, the rise of electronic communication has created a fresh appreciation for old-fashioned letter writing and journals kept on real paper, rather than computers. This new (old!) pleasure of sitting down to put pen to paper demands accessories that respect the experience.  Shop at SitaraCollections.com to find beautiful handmade leather journals.

Instead of grabbing an ordinary notebook to record your thoughts and experiences, treat yourself to a simple luxury like a silk-covered journal from Sitara Collections. Or maybe you prefer to run your fingers over the unmistakable texture of real leather (cruelty-free, of course). Sitara’s lineup of embossed leather journals with handmade paper will tempt even confirmed techno lovers to put down the mouse and pick up a pen.

And speaking of pens, writing instruments that are more indulgence than utilitarian can help anyone rediscover the joy of writing. Grocery lists, to-do lists, birthday cards—even balancing your checkbook—is more fun with our beaded pens. These works of art are handcrafted by skilled artisans and, thanks to their refillable ink design, can last forever. They come in a set of six brilliant colors; keep them all for yourself or delight someone special with a pen that will never be relegated to the junk drawer.

So stop by Sitara Collections to find beautiful journals and the beaded pens.




Linda Singh
Linda Singh

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