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January 19, 2019 2 min read

While the first thing that might come to mind is how to better accessorize your wardrobe, gemstone jewelry is an artistic expression. The art of handcrafting gemstones with metal is an ancient tradition passed down through the generations. While the beauty of each Sitara Collections piece is undeniable, beauty is far from the only reason we do what we do!

Accessories With A Purpose

Which raw gemstones do you find yourself most drawn to? While you might just think that you like the color, texture, clarity, or naturally occurring imperfections—there’s likely more to it. While we sometimes forget, gemstones are part of nature and everything in nature has energy and purpose. If you are drawn to a particular stone, it is likely that you are in need of the balancing energy it provides. Every stone represents traits that you have, or may be in need of, and can be used as part of holistic healing for your physical and spiritual needs. For example, amethyst symbolizes courage and strong relationships, garnet can be worn to boost creativity, and pearls symbolize faith and integrity.

Everything Old Is New Again

One of the many reasons raw gemstone jewelry never goes out of style is because the most beautiful things on Earth are found in nature. When it comes to the handcrafting techniques employed by the Sitara Collections artisans, beauty is taken to a whole new level. Timeless gemstones crafted with ancient practices create pieces that elevate and complement modern fashion. But what most of our clients really enjoy is that each piece is unique, although the design is consistent. Each stone varies slightly in size, shape, and color providing you with jewelry that is all your own.

Why Sitara Collections?

Sitara Collections provides a diverse range of casual and elegant options, for daily use—and when you need that little something extra. As an online retailer, we remove the middle man allowing attractive prices for high-quality craftsmanship. While you can find impressive jewelry artists in every community, we specialize in jewelry made with ancient Indian techniques. We contract highly skilled Indian artisans with Fair Trade practices. This empowers our contractors to support their families while keeping their ancient craft alive for generations to come. Our dedication to quality, Fair Trade, and handcrafted beauty have just garnered us the Top 25 Retailers for Buying Handmade Jewelry Online. Check out all of the award winners here.

We invite you to browse our current collections for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

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Linda Singh
Linda Singh

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