The Mother of the Moon, the Moonstone

Girl in Field

Moonstone, one of three birthstones of June, can appeal to anyone, with its opaque surface that changes with the slant of light. This gem hasn’t been featured as heavily as its mainstream sister the diamond, but it can still hold its own against any form of competition. From precious bracelets, to dazzling earrings, to stunning necklaces, moonstone captures the eye of anyone with its shimmering, shifting qualities.

June birthstones include pearl and alexandrite in addition to moonstone, but the latter is by far the most mysterious. Moonstone is thought to “reveal itself” when exposed to sunlight or any form of light, showing its true nature rather than its original misty form. This birthstone is believed to be connected to the moon, which explains its name, and is also a common gift in India to represent love.

 There are different shades of moonstone, like blue, gray, white, or yellow moonstone and each one has its own properties. Sitara Collections carries primarily rainbow moonstone products, a stone that focuses on clearing the mind and senses. Moonstone, because of its light coloration, is extremely easy to match and pairs wonderfully with other gemstones. The moonstone is incorporated into different varieties of birthstone jewelry, giving you a wide selections from which to choose from.

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