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Birthstone Jewelry

  •   The pinnacle of symbolism in the world of beauty rests with jewelry. It appears in all its glory throughout the pages of history time and time again, from the era of the Neanderthals to the vaults of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and in recent times, kept in all its glory as of the crown jewe... View Post
  • Gemstones and the Birthstones for Each Month

    Regardless if you’re male or female, birthstones have been worn as jewelry ever since ancient times. However, gemstones of today are much more colorful, beautiful, and rare. Usually, the gemstones are set in a metal such as sterling silver, brass or gold for ornamentation. Gemstones can be semi-p... View Post

    If you happen to have a June Birth month, you can choose from two birthstones – Pearl and Alexandrite. From the two June Birthstones, Pearls are the more popular as they are very abundant and known for their natural beauty while the Alexandrite is the rarer stone and it changes color with respec... View Post

    This blog focus is on why you should gift birthstone necklaces for girlfriends. Do you know her birthdate and zodiac sign? Have you learned about gemstones and birthstones, yet? The first thing that you should do is learn gemstone meanings... View Post
  • Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Birthstones

    Benefits of Wearing Birthstones   So you have finally started searching for handmade jewelry and have come across gemstones and their meanings; gemstones are quite a popular thing in the market. Different gemstones have different meanings and thus, you need someone extremely knowledgeable and s... View Post
  • 8 Tips on Buying Gemstones

    Congratulations on taking the right decision of buying gemstones for yourself. I know the excitement in your heart because that’s exactly how I felt when I was buying my first handmade gemstone jewelry. There are so many e-stores that sell such gemstones and you can go through the gallery of a ... View Post
  • Handmade gemstone jewelry is quite prominent all around the globe. There are a lot of people who buy, wear and take advantage of the benefits of handmade gemstone jewelry. In fact, there are people who purchase handmade jewelry gifts as well for their loved ones because such gifts are unique a... View Post
  • November Birthstone Jewelry and the Significance of the Birthstone

    Introduction: The ancient civilizations had their own versions of fortune and misfortune. They believed that each month has a corresponding color attached to it. This gave rise to the association of the gemstones to every month. In fact, the earlier civilizations gave more credence to the color... View Post