What is Being Boho Chic?

What is Being Boho Chic? | Sitara Jewelry

Boho jewelry, boho clothing, boho chic, bohemian style

Oh, that’s so boho chic! Or is it? I mean, what does “being boho chic” even mean? Don’t worry; you’re not the first person to wonder this, and you probably won’t be the last either. Being bohemian is all about being free. It’s about rolling down grassy hills with every hurdle life presents; it’s about change; about being whoever you want to be whenever and wherever life takes you - and dressing fabulously while doing so. 


But being boho chic isn’t just about having bohemian style – although, that’s a big part. And being boho chic isn't just about living this gypsy-esque kind of lifestyle either. Since Sitara Collections is all for the boho chic ladies out there, allow us to break down the true meaning of being boho chic.



Being Boho Chic is having Bohemian Style

There’s no better place to start off this article about being boho chic than with bohemian style. After all, boho ladies love fashion and it’s one of the many things we use to showcase our different sense of style and unique characteristics.

 Boho jewelry, boho clothing, boho chic, bohemian style

Bohemian stylereally is just a sense of style. While some ladies like to wear A-line skirts, blouses and stilettos as they take over Wall Street, boho style plays off of gypsy, hippie influences. Think Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, the Olsen sisters and Nicole Richie. These girls are the epitome of boho chic style.

Now, just for clarification, we’re not saying boho ladies don’t tear up Wall Street because they very well may. But being boho chic is more about comfort and feeling free with the style you wear. 


Being Boho Chic is a Spiritual Lifestyle

Being boho chic is as much about the life you live as it is about the bohemian style you wear. Being boho is about being in touch with nature; humanitarian efforts, and being free-spirited. It’s more about a spiritual living – having a meaning in life – than it is about about sitting behind a desk on Wall Street, spending all hours of the day and night just to get a massive paycheck.


Sure; ladies that live that spiritual, bohemian lifestyle could very well work on Wall Street but they would probably go to great lengths to decrease the stress of work. Why, you ask? Because being boho really has nothing to do with what you do for a living but more so, how you live. It’s about positive energy, and good vibes. It’s about finding yourself and being at peace with one. Boho jewelry, boho clothing, boho chic, bohemian styleAs such, those that live a bohemian lifestyle are intrigued by different things in the world - things that mean more than stress, long work hours and a big pay check.

It’s a lifestyle that has the same influences that the bohemian style does; it’s a lifestyle inspired by hippie, gypsy and bohemian influences.


You Can Be Boho Chic Without The Bohemian Lifestyle

It’s just as important to mention that you can totally be boho chic without living a bohemian lifestyle. As such, you can also live a bohemian lifestyle without wearing boho jewelry. In other words, you don’t have to have both the boho style and lifestyle just to be classified as “boho”. Remember, being bohemian is all about being you. So, whether you wear the gypsy-inspired clothing or meditate every morning at the top of a mountain as the sun goes down or not, you can still be boho chic because being boho chic is being you; whatever that may be.


There’s no denying that boho chic is a sense of style, and it is a spiritual lifestyle that people live. But there’s no rulebook that says you have to do this, or wear that in order to be boho. You just have to be you, and if you love bohemian style, Sitara Collections has everything you need to complete your wardrobe! Shop today, and show the world who you are. Fashion is amazing for that, isn’t it?

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