The New Handmade Jewelry Trends Go Back in Time

The New Handmade Jewelry Trends Go Back in Time | Sitara Jewelry

The handmade jewelry trends of today are reaching back in time for inspiration. When you look at the upcoming artisan made jewelry trends with the larger than life gem infused Bohemian style rings and the sterling silver jewelry of the many bulky bangle bracelets and long and lustrous multi-layered necklaces, you see a passion for unique, quality inspired accessories of days gone by. The cultural experience that the artisan brings mixed with the timeless uniqueness of Boho chic jewelry will bring stunning works of art to the jewelry industry of today.


Necklaces That Scream Boho

With the many necklace styles of today, the newer trends are going back a century or two where you see larger than life gems incrusted in pure metals, and they are layered on two or three at a time. There colors scream Boho chic and do not need to match to be in style.


Bracelets upon Bracelets

The new industrial form of bangle bracelets will impress upon onlookers a sense of beauty with their decorative designs inspired by the cultures of artisans who create amazing handmade jewelry. Layer them on to inspire true Bohemian style.


Love for Rings

The bigger, the better and flowing across the fingers with inlaid gems from different locations the world over is what a love for rings is all about. The large, bulky rings that spread across the entire length of a finger with beautiful stones and gems that glitter will give any Boho chic jewelry lover what they seek.


All about the Ears


Longer, sleeker gem infused earrings that are of artisan made jewelry quality brings back a trend from long ago. They have a way of seeming like antiques by way of pure and natural sterling silver jewelry becoming different hues and tones creating a sense of oldness but one of pure beauty.


The handmade jewelry trends seem to be moving more towards a more Bohemian style, and it may be due to the culturally rich regions of the artisans who create these works of art. Artisan made jewelry lends itself to actually be able to capture the traditional styles and cultures of the regions they come from where the

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Taylor Bishop
Taylor Bishop

September 06, 2017

Thanks for the interesting read on some trends for handmade jewelry. I actually didn’t realize that a lot of handmade necklaces will have a large gem that are incrusted in metals. You mentioned that this was common a century or two ago. Knowing this, I’m really interested in comparing to what we are making now to the jewelry trends that were common back then. It could be cool to visually see how different and similar they are.

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