November Birthstone Jewelry and the Significance of the Birthstone

November Birthstone Jewelry and the Significance of the Birthstone | Sitara Jewelry


The ancient civilizations had their own versions of fortune and misfortune. They believed that each month has a corresponding color attached to it. This gave rise to the association of the gemstones to every month. In fact, the earlier civilizations gave more credence to the color of the stone and not to the quality of the gems in general. Therefore, for them, the ruby was equal in many ways to the garnet. However, the present day birthstones follow a different classification. The American Gem Society has endorsed the present day birthstones as well. 

Significance of the birthstone:


Every gemstone has some unique characteristics. The civilizations believe that the humans acquire similar characteristics as well depending on their birth month. Therefore, each month has a unique stone associated with it. Certain months such as November have two birthstones, namely the Citrine and Topaz.

The meaning of the November birthstone:


You associate Citrine with the Sun. Hence, one deduces the fact that those born in the month of November have the warm qualities of Citrine. They believe Citrine to have therapeutic qualities as well. At the same time, Topaz is an imperial birthstone. You can find the Topaz in a range of rich colors such as orange, blue, pink, and yellow as well. 


The Egyptian and the Roman civilizations associate Topaz with the Sun God. Therefore, they believe this stone to have high levels of healing qualities. They also refer to the Topaz as a stone that dispels enchantment. Thus, there is an air of mysticism around Topaz.


Citrine is a beautiful gemstone having a color ranging from a radiant yellow to the dark brownish red. The ancient civilizations believe that the Citrine can protect you against snake venom and evil thoughts as well. This is a merchant’s stone, as people associate the same with prosperity.


November Birthstone jewelry:

You can embed the Citrine and Topaz gemstones in various kinds of jewelry items such as rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, etc. The Citrine handmade jewelryitems are a class apart. Those born in the month of November should use these two gemstones in some form or the other in their jewelry. These stones can enhance the inherent characteristics of the person wearing the same. A combination of both Citrine and Topaz would be great as well.

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