Exquisite, magnificent, and utterly stunning, the aquamarine gemstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones out there. Perfect to wear as jewelry, in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, the aquamarine gemstone is also commonly used in the form of brooches, hair clips, and even in the form of home decor and adornment. The gemstone’s rich blue-green color is wonderfully reminiscent of the ocean, and its clean tranquil quality is both relaxing and dignified. Being the quintessential birthstone for the month of March, the aquamarine gemstone is definitely a sight to behold.



Known as a type of blue beryl, the aquamarine gemstone is found in many different areas around the world, and most often in Madagascar, Brazil, and Sri Lanka, as well as in several places in the United States, including Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. Meaning sea water in Latin, the word aquamarine is synonymous with beauty and elegance, due to the calming and pretty color of the gemstone itself. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the largest mined aquamarine to date was found in Marambaia Brazil, in the year 1910, and weighed over 240 pounds.


Interestingly enough, the gorgeous blue shade of the aquamarine gem comes from the many iron oxides that are inherently present in the chemical makeup of the gemstone itself. Historically, the aquamarine gemstone was thought to have healing powers due to its blue-greenish color that is so close to the colors present in the sea. Some people have even said that the aquamarine gemstone was “heaven reflected on the surface of the water”. Commonly said to be connected to the throat chakra, the gemstone was known to help those who had trouble with speaking. It was also said that the aquamarine is a gemstone of natural justice, which meant that it encouraged compromise and negotiation. And, since it is a water element gemstone, the aquamarine was also said to help cleanse the emotional body, as well as to open up lines of communication between individuals.


Widely recognized for its glorious splendor, according to the GIA, the aquamarine gemstone is highly valued when it is full of blue to light greenish hues, has limpid transparency, and even higher clarity. Mined at extremely high elevations, usually around 15,000 feet, the aquamarine gemstone grows in six-sided prismatic crystals, which is what makes the gemstone so spectacular. According to the GIA, the actual value of each gemstone is dependant on its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. It is said that the most valued aquamarine gemstones are the most blue in both intensity and hue, and the purer the blue is in the gemstone, the more valued it actually is.


As for prized and coveted aquamarine gemstones, there are many throughout the world that are known for their opulence and rarity. Aside from the largest aquamarine gemstone found in the year 1910, the most prized and valued aquamarine stones include the large aquamarine stone set in the center of Queen Elizabeth’s tiara, the Dom Pedro aquamarine, which is 10,395 carats in weight, the Roosevelt aquamarine, which was worn by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt herself, and the 137 carat Maine aquamarine, which is known as one of the most incredibly flawless and timeless aquamarine gemstones in the world. Also, what many people love about the aquamarine stone is that is can be easily cut in many different ways and is most often cut in emerald shapes, oval brilliants, or round. Hard and transparent, the aquamarine is a dream for designers and jewelers to work with, due to its ability to be cut and shaped so easily. Gorgeous, sparkling, and exquisite, the March birthstone is a beautiful gemstone worthy of immense praise.

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Aquamarine Earrings


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Gem Sri
Gem Sri

May 25, 2018

Sailors coveted this gemstone as it protected them from shipwreck.

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