July Birthstone Meaning - Embrace Passion, Love and Beauty

July Birthstone Meaning - Embrace Passion, Love and Beauty | Sitara Jewelry

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Learn about the month of July Birthstone meaning now. If you have a birthday in July, you’re one lucky lady! The July birthstone is a stunning, red Ruby – one of the most prized gemstones out there. Although the term “ruby” is derived from the Latin language “ruber” which simply means red, the spiritual meaning behind it is much more exquisite than that. So, needless to say, the world is envious of you and it’s time to pair your birthstone with the stunning handmade jewelry available at Sitara Collections.



Rubies Have History of Bringing Good Health

Rubies have been highly sought after for centuries – and for many reasons. To ancient Hindus, the ruby was the “kings of all gems,” and it was believed to protect the wearer July Birthstone, boho jewelry, gemstone meanings, handmade jewelryof this gemstone jewelry from evil. And back in the Middle Ages, people used rubies to bring good health to the person wearing the gemstone jewelry. In fact, all red gemstones were believed to have the ability to cure bleeding, and warn (and protect) the owner of any misfortunes, illnesses or deaths by turning a darker tone. It’s even believed that the first wife of King Henry VIII predicted her downfall by seeing her ruby gemstone darken. Pretty neat stuff, right?


The Spiritual Meaning Today is all About Wisdom, Passionand Love

While rubies are still one of the most luxurious gemstones out there, the gemstone meanings have changed a bit. After all, most of us today know that a gemstone can’t necessarily predict the future, but what it can do is emit good vibes to get the wearer everything they want!


Ruby gemstones today are believed to help the wearer make important decisions in life, specifically for finances. But the really cool thing is that it’s also believed to symbolize and encourage strength, leadership, courage, vitality, love and passion in the wearer. July Birthstone, boho jewelry, gemstone meanings, handmade jewelryThese are all all amazing things we want in life, and if you can get it from a gemstone - why not? Some even use rubies to improve circulation, which relates back to the ancient belief of rubies having curative properties with the wearers’ blood.


You’ll Never Believe these Awesome Ruby Facts

If you’re not into the spiritual meanings of gemstones – and not everyone is, and that’s totally okay - rubies still have a lot of unique elements to offer. Aside from the rich and luxurious beauty, these gemstones have some really odd and awesome facts associated with them.

One of the craziest things I've ever heard is the pure definition of how desirable rubies are. The Emperor of China, Kublai Khan once offered his entire city in exchange for a massive ruby. Although, he was never taken up on his offer, and I’m still wondering if he ever did find himself his very own gemstone.


Another neat thing is that it's said that Ancient Hindus, Burmese and Ceylonese believed that sapphires were unripe rubies. So, they would plant them in the ground, hoping that a sapphire would transpire into a mature, rich red ruby. While we don’t recommend burying any gemstones in the ground – they’re too beautiful for that and probably won't grow into a new gemstone altogether - you can shop our stunning jewelry collection to get the gemstone jewelry you desire.



Whether you’re a history buff or not, the July birthstone has a truly impeccable past – and the beauty that comes with it is simply a no-brainer. So needless to say, Sitara Collections has the perfect handmade jewelry collection for you to pair your July birthstone with. Your wardrobe is about to get a little gypsy-boho inspired! We hope you enjoyed learning about the July birthstone meaning here.


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