Having trouble focusing on your meditation? The trick is to have something to focus on!


Incense has been used during ancient rituals to heighten your sense of awareness, bringing mindfulness to the present moment of lighting it, allowing the scent to soothe your anxieties, and gazing at the smoke spirals as a portal to deepen your spirituality.



Science is now supporting this ancient ritual and recognizing that incense might be good for the brain, by activating the ion channels in your brain to alleviate anxiety or depression. Different scents have different effects on your stress levels, and experimenting with various fragrances can bring an element of surprise and freshness to your meditation practice.


Why incense works well for beginners

If you've always had trouble focusing in your meditation, incense can be a lovely accompaniment to your quiet time, because the process of lighting it, enjoying its scent, and gazing at the spiraling smoke patterns creates a soothing ritual to calm your mind and your movements. Sitara offers a variety of scents in our Incense Deluxe Kit so you can experiment with various fragrances and decide on what appeals to you.


You should try it!


To Use Incense In Your Meditation:

1. Choose a quiet, closed room, where you'll be left alone

2. Light some incense, blow out the flame, and set it down, or in a holder

3. Sit in front of the glowing incense in a comfortable posture

4. Gaze at the expanding smoke spirals for a few seconds

5. Then close your eyes and visualize your mind expanding outwards

6. Let your thoughts un-focus, and become more abstract

7. Allow yourself to enjoy the aroma of the incense as it swirls around you

8. You'll feel yourself glow from within, filled with an inner energy and joy


NOTE: If you're worried about smoke indoors, choose an incense that emits a low amount of smoke. You can also light incense to prepare your meditation room before your practice, so you can still enjoy the fragrance during your practice.


If you have any questions about your meditation practice or our incense products, please post them below. Have a friend who'd appreciate this information? Please share!

About our Author

Saiisha is our resident expert on Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation: she is a certified yoga instructor and certified in meditation training, and is a soulistic life coach at She uses ancient practices that are practical for the modern woman. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about any of the topics we discuss here at Sitara Collections!


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