Give The Gift Of Artisan Jewelry This Mother’s Day

Give The Gift Of Artisan Jewelry This Mother’s Day | Sitara Jewelry

A beautiful bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed or brunch out might be all mom is hoping for this year but if you want to go the extra mile give the gift of artisan jewelry this Mother’s Day. Our collection of handmade jewelry has something for every occasion making it easy to find a gift mom will wear for years to come.


Birthstone Mother’s Day Gifts


You can never go wrong with birthstone jewelry. It’s the perfect gift if you aren’t sure what mom’s style is, or if you are having a difficult time narrowing down your options. You and your siblings can join together and buy mom a set of jewelry in each of your birthstones. Or you can buy your wife a gift featuring her birth month gemstone. We make it simple by allowing you to search our collections a variety of ways, including by birthstone month.


Gemstones, Brass, Beads, and More


Our raw gemstone jewelry is what Sitara Collections is best known for, but we have plenty of options to choose from. From stunning hand pounded brass cuffs to beaded statement necklaces and abstract silver plated brass rings. We even have a few fun jewelry accessories like our etched glass ring trays.


Give Mom A Chakra Clearing Gift


If mom is spiritual, a yoga enthusiast, or understands the power of natural elements to heal and restore—give her a chakra clearing gift. Each raw gemstone has energetic properties that can be utilized to clear or boost her chakras. When shopping for chakras the color of each stone is associated with each chakra. Many of our designs are multi-stone meaning they will help to get multiple chakras flowing. In addition to our jewelry collection we have mini meditation chakra clearing bowls. Here are the colors to select for each chakra:



$20 And Under Gifts From The Kids


If the kids have been saving their allowance to select an extra special gift for mom this Mother’s Day, we have a variety of handmade jewelry selections for $20 and under—and options really expand at $40 and under. If budget isn’t a concern, splurge and give mom a handmade jewelry design she wouldn’t usually treat herself to.

Sitara Collection’s Conscious Mission


Mom will love the story behind her environmentally and socially conscious gift. All our designs are handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans who are paid fair trade prices for their work. This keeps traditional craftsmanship alive empowering women to support their family and their community. We also donate 15% of our net proceeds to Helping Children Succeed Foundation which supports the SVV School in rural India.


Browse Sitara Collections by earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings—or by stone or color. As artisan jewelry each item varies slightly in color, size, and design which makes mom’s gift truly unique!




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