Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is worn by different people; an average person will have at least one set of jewelry. Unfortunately not a lot of people are aware on how to properly maintain their handmade jewelry. Preserving your artisan made jewelry will need some thorough planning. Here is a fundamental standard that you should consider when maintaining your Boho Chic Jewelry.

Tips to Maintain the Elegance of Your Handmade Jewelry

Remove It While Doing Tasks

When you are doing household chores or other type of physical task, see to it that you will remove your artisan made jewelry first in order to prevent from exposing it to cleaning materials and other chemicals and minimize the possibility of acquiring damage. Make it a point to remove your jewelry when doing common household chores, cleaning, garden work and kitchen works.

 Put It On after Applying Your Make-up

Cosmetic products often contain chemicals that may compromise the quality of your handmade jewelry. Wear your jewelry after applying your lotion, make-up, perfume, and hairspray. Wearing your jewelry after can limit the exposure of your sterling silver jewelry to these chemicals.

Avoid Wearing It on Spa and Pools

The water on the pool and spa often contains chlorine that will react to your jewelry. It can damage the structure of your jewelry or can make the color dull. See to it that you will remove your artisan made jewelrybefore you enter the spa and pools.

Don’t Wear Jewelry When Playing Sports

It is just impossible to mix jewelry and contact sports. When you are playing contact sports, the hard blows can damage your jewelry or injure the other party. In order to ensure the safety of your jewelry and the opposing team, make sure that you will remove your jewelry before playing.

By following these rules, you will be able to maintain your jewelry.

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