Have you ever had a de ja vu moment when you were drawn to go to Rome for a vacation, and when you do, you feel like you've been there before? Or maybe you dream of distant lives when you were a healer or a medicine woman? Or you recognize that some of your talents are not necessarily genetically obtained from your parents, but then you wonder where they came from!? Or maybe you feel an intense pull toward some exotic scents, like the scent of a jasmine?


If you've ever wondered why you have these unexplained experiences or deep emotional responses to certain things, it's possible that you're remembering your past lives.


The Karma theory of the yoga philosophy is based on souls reincarnating in a sequence of several lives, each life meant to learn its own special lessons, have its own unique experiences.


Although we're not meant to remember these lives, we're meant to learn our lessons from those lives, gain our wisdom, and use that wisdom in our present lives. So our minds, bodies, and souls store some of these memories in order to trigger special responses.


Scent is a unique way to awaken these memories by your sense of smell. Sitara offers the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kit that has an exquisite collection of scents that are meant to help you on your soul's journey. These special smells are not commonly found in perfumes but is put together to activate distant memories.


For example, the scent of grass can awaken a very different memory of someone who lived in the desert, versus someone who lived on an island. Another example maybe the intense aroma of cinnamon - which may awaken a memory of the spice route via Ceylon for one person, or an Arabian queen's luxury ritual for another.



  • Create an end of the day ritual to experiment with one scent per day. Or you can incorporate this practice into your current evening ritual if you already have one
  • Spend at least a few minutes to calm down, take a deep breath, place a drop on your wrist, take in the scent, and close your eyes. See where your senses take you
  • You could also add a few drops to your warm bath water, and indulge in being surrounded by these ancient scents
  • Be open to whatever comes up in your visions. And pay attention to your dreams. Keep a notebook next to your bed to write down your dreams so you can interpret them later
  • You can also use the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kit as a conversation starter with your soulful friends. Each of you takes turns in describing your memories, and see if any of those descriptions trigger any memories or emotions


We'd love to hear them. Or if you have any questions at all about how to use or order the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kit please post your questions below!



About our Author:

Saiisha is our resident expert on Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation: she is a certified yoga instructor and certified in meditation training, and is a soulistic life coach at . She uses ancient practices that are practical for the modern woman. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about any of the topics we discuss here at Sitara Collections!


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